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Publication: Tissue-Informed Engineering Strategies for Modeling Human Pulmonary Diseases

Our review in APJ-Lung highlights how advances in lung tissue characterization reveal dynamic changes in the structure, mechanics and composition of the extracellular matrix in chronic pulmonary diseases, and how this information paves the way for tissue-informed engineering of more organotypic models of human pathology. We envision that engineering strategies using precision biomaterials and advanced

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Congrats, Hassan!

Congratulations to Hassan El-Batal on his successful Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) grant application! Here’s a summary of his project: My name is Hassan El-Batal, I am a junior in the Bioengineering program and am currently doing research for the Magin lab. I was recently awarded a 2018-2019 UROP mini grant, funded through the Colorado

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