Congratulations, Graduates!!

This Spring 2022 two Master’s students, Kamiel Saleh and Thomas Caracena, graduated after completing their thesis research in the Magin Lab for Bioinspired Pulmonary Engineering. Here is a note from Thomas about his time in the lab.

My time in the Magin lab has been instrumental in my development as a scientist and as an engineer. The broadly interdisciplinary work ongoing in the Magin lab allowed me to hone a wide range of skills and gain experience with a variety of diverse laboratory techniques including polymer synthesis, sterile cell culture, and hydrogel rheology. Working with exciting emerging technologies at the intersection of multiple fields of research, there is bound to find something going on in the lab that is of interest to everyone. Aside from the lab work, Chelsea has been a great mentor. In my 2+ years working with her, I never felt like I was just being used as cheap labor. She genuinely cares about her students’ health and success, both in and out of the lab, and will work hard to ensure that each student receives the kind of mentorship and supervision they need in order to thrive. And with her background working in both industry and academia, she has the experience and connections to help her students pursue their own goals after they leave the lab. The Magin lab has been a great fit for me, both personally and professionally, and I have no doubt that this was the optimal setting for my graduate research experience.

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